Top 10 Best Road Bike Tires

When you are zooming down the road, you aren’t thinking about anything else but the road and the ride. Your ride should be smooth and fast, and your wheels and tires play a large role. Your road bike tires are the connection to the road, allowing you to transfer power from the pedals to speed. The last thing you want to worry about is performance, a flat tire, or slowing down. Your tires can be one of the more expensive items on upgrades for your bike, but it would be well worth it, especially with all the elements you come across on the road. From dirt, nails, and weather, your tires will across just about everything. They will determine how your ride feels, stops, and whether or not you get a flat in some situations. There are quite a few tire sizes available so make sure the one you buy has the size tire you need. You will see that the favorite are the GatorSkins because they make great front tires. Their maker, Continental, easily dominates the bike tire market with many of the best road bike tires. Read up on the many tires here and choose one for your bike.

Here are the top 10 best road bike tires for 2016:


Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin - best road bike tiresContinental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire
If you are looking for a good tire that can take some heavy abuse, especially in an urban city environment, then this tire is exactly what you need. It has a thick skin and has puncture protection design. It can easily roll on gravel, broken glass, stones, and so on, without making that hissing noise that can mean only one thing. The tire has a highly durable tread. It sticks to the ground strongly, and brings the bike to halt when brakes are applied. The DuraSkin layers on the sidewalls offer them better protection. There are few better rolling tires, and even fewer few that can offer as much robustness as this tire. You can consider this one of the best of the best road bike tires.

Continental Ultra Sport II Tire - best road bike tiresContinental Ultra Sport II Bike Tire
The Ultra Sport II is one of the most inexpensive road bike tires on the market, even among the best road bike tires we have here. It is available in different colors and sizes as well. No wonder why it is one of the most popular tires. The tire has traded off an extra layer of puncture protection in favor of lower rolling resistance. This means that you will be able to reach higher speeds, albeit with a greater risk of getting punctures. The treading is not that great, but the material itself is quite sticky on the ground and offers good enough traction. Since they are a wire bead tire, they can be slightly more difficult to put on the wheels. Once they are on your bike, you will regret you bought ’em.

Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire - best road bike tiresVittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire
The Rubino Pro III is one of the best road bike tires because of its great quality and it packs features usually found in tires double its price. The tire is covered in a TPI nylon casing, which is very durable and offers great traction. The treading is not thick, but carved in a way that offers great traction while cutting corners, and when the brakes are applied. In the resistance department, the tire performs with flying colors. Especially at high air pressure, there is no beating this tire in the rolling resistance department. What’s more, the tire has a great grip even in the wet conditions. Good speed, low resistance, decent puncture protection and good grip – a great combination for a tire.

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Road Clincher - best road bike tiresContinental Grand Prix 4000 S II Road Clincher
Continental is here again with the Grand Prix 4000 S, one of the best road bike tires for racing. It has a relatively wide body and can hold more air. Yet, it has much lower rolling resistance compared to its lower peers. It also has better grip and achieves higher speed. Needless to say, there is a noticeable reduction in rider fatigue as well. Although they are heavier than average, the difference hardly has any effect. Moreover, they come with excellent puncture protection as well. The thick tire sports a good shock absorbance, and eliminates the effect of minor bumps and imperfections of the road on the rider. Expect excellence during your race.

Kenda Rain V-Cut Wire Bead Bicycle Tire - best road bike tiresKenda Rain V-Cut Wire Bead Bicycle Tire
This is an inexpensive all-round road bike tire that won’t disappoint the price conscious ones among us. The treading is quite thick and he material of the tire offers predictable traction on the roads, no matter what season. Even during rains and light snow, the grip is praiseworthy. It won’t skid on most of the surfaces. Moreover, whether it is because of the design of the material of the tire, it lasts much longer than its peers in the same range. The rolling resistance is not extraordinary, but not bad either. It is easy to mount and is available at a very low price. Kenda delivers arguably the most inexpensive best road bike tires on the internet.

Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire - best road bike tiresContinental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire
This is a heavy duty tire built for some extreme performance requirement. It has an extra layer of puncture protection that makes its presence felt during long bike rides and tours. Whether you are going over gravel, tile, glass, stone, cobblestones, or whatever else, these tires can easily take it all without getting easily punctured. Of course, it comes with a caveat. There is a noticeable rolling resistance, which can mean greater pressure on the legs as well as lower speed during the rides. It makes up for all that by offering less time spent on fixing the flats. One of the best road bike tires for the city rider, it really is a high performance tire for fixies or racing road bikes.

Continental Grand Prix 4season Tire - best road bike tiresContinental Grand Prix 4season
The Grand Prix 4Season is an all-season tire, which delivers an excellent performance. The tire is made of a silica compound, which the manufacturer calls as Max Grip. It is soft and has a better grip on the ground during wet and cold conditions. The tread is thick and superbly designed. Under it lies a double layer of Vectran breaker, which offers an enhanced puncture protection to the tire. Further, a layer of DuraSkin envelops the inner section of the tire from bead to bead, and protects the sidewalls from the elements of nature. The rolling resistance is higher compared to summer tires, but that is only expected of an all-season tire. Rain, sleet, or snow ( you probably won’t bike in the snow ), this is one of Continental’s best road bike tires for those ride in any weather.

SCHWALBE One Folding Bead Black Tubeless Tire - best road bike tiresSCHWALBE One Folding Bead Black Tubeless Tire
If you are looking for the real deal in road bike tires, then you should give these tires a try. These tubeless tires are, by far, one of the best solutions against puncture. The wide tires do not pose not much rolling resistance, and deliver excellent speed. Moreover, the tire is made of special polymers and sticks to the ground to offer a good grip. The tires can also absorb a significant amount of unevenness on the road, which ensures a comfortable ride. Because of their exceptional toughness, these tires can be even used off road, without you having to worry much about them getting punctured.

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Fold Tire - best road bike tiresVittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Fold Tire
These are special tires, designed for both outdoor and indoor use during the winters when you can’t take your road bike out. One of the prettier tires we have, the tire comes in brilliant red, which again reminds you to not use them outdoors as they are not built for that. They have directional treads that run around the tire, which help in dissipating the heat. Also, they hardly produce any noise while operating, even on rollers. However, the tire has a tendency to leave a layer of rubber on the rollers after every use. It is not a beaded tire, and therefore, quite easy to install on the bike as well. If you go outdoors, expect the tread to go down quickly as they were not meant for intense use, even though some have had these as back tires. The Vittoria Zaffiro Pros are some of the best road bike tires for indoor use.

Continental Hometrainer Folding Tire - best road bike tiresContinental Hometrainer Folding Tire
Continental Hometrainer Folding Tire is one of the best road bike tires for indoor trainers. Some would say it better than the Vittoria indoor tires. It is made of a special type of rubber that not only dissipates the heat generated on the trainer easily, but also resists wear. It is a foldable tire. Although this should mean easy installation, it is quite a pain to get this on the wheels. It is absolutely not made for outdoor use and hence should be avoided. That being said, it is one of the most durable tires designed specifically for trainers. Further, the tire is extremely quiet on the trainer too. It comes in multiple sizes and colors.

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