Top 10 Best Road Bike Shoes

Shimano road bike shoesWhen you cycling on a great road bike, you will need some bike shoes to match your ride. Your feet are an important part of your connection to the bike. Your footwear will make a difference on how you ride and you transfer energy to the pedals. The best road bike shoes keep you comfortable while transfering your power to the wheels for more speed. Some shoes have cleats or can be easily equipped with cleats. Most have the clips so you can just attach your feet to the pedals and just fly with the wind. Road bike shoes are comparable in price to other sneakers, but you shouldn’t break the bank trying to get a pair if you wat to save some money.

Here are the top 10 best road bike shoes for 2016:


Shimano SH-R088 Road Bike ShoesShimano SH-R088 Men’s Club Recreation Road Cycling Shoes
The Shimano SH-R088 are a great choice for bikers, especially those who have a wide toe area or wide feet in general. The shoes are made of a combination of synthetic leather and mesh upper, which do not stretch, providing no room for slipping inside the shoe. Each shoe comes with 2 Velcro straps with large contact area for secure attachment. The ratcheting system provides a finer fit. The sole is made of strong and rigid material. It is best if the shoes are not worn when walking, as they can damage the cleat contact area. Further, the shoe has ventilation holes at the bottom to keep the feet sweat-free during intense biking. Of the all the best road bike shoes, these come the closest to being perfect.


Venzo Road Bike For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Road Bike Shoes & Pedalswidth=Venzo R096 Road Shoes For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Shoes & Pedals
The Venzo W40 road shoes are a pair of superior quality, inexpensive road bike shoes for beginners. They feature both two-hole and three-hole systems, which make them suitable for road bikes as well as mountain bike style cleats. The tension screw is shipped at the highest tension setting, but can be adjusted. However, too much loosening will negatively affect the riding performance. The cleats are plastic and securely clip on the pedals. However, they are not rugged and can be easily damaged. The uppers are thin, sport three Velcro straps for perfect fit, and are well ventilated. The pedals are decent quality too, and are designed to last thousands of miles on them. Venzo offers some of the best road bike shoes with pedals packages available.


Venzo Road Bike For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Road Bike Shoes & Sealed PedalsVenzo Road Bike For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Shoes & Sealed Pedals 43
The Venzo R096 shoes can be considered slightly heavy and neither are they the stiffest. But they are an excellent deal for their price tag. They are another set of great beginner shoes and work pretty good. Since the cleats on them can be easily damaged, they should not be used to walk even short distances. Apart from that, they come with two Velcro straps for comfortable fitting. A ratcheting mechanism offers a finer fit, which can be adjusted on the fly even while riding. The Wellgo pedals are compatible with the cleats and work perfectly together. They are easy to install too, and long lasting. If you want to spend a lot on pedals and shoes, continue to look at the Venzo packages for the best road bike shoes combos.


Giro Treble II Road Bike Shoes Matte BlackGiro Treble II Bike Shoes – Matte Black
The Giro Treble II Bike Shoes have a solid bottom, which is very stiff, which helps in transferring all the pedaling power directly to the pedals. They are designed to fit both road bike cleats (3-bolt cleats), as well as mountain bike cleats (2-bolt cleats). The EVA footbed promises good cushioning and comfort to the feet, while the synthetic fiber upper provides breathability to the shoes. The shoes are glossy and are guaranteed to catch some eyeballs. They fit perfectly around the contours of the feet, and the Velcro straps make the fitting all the more easier, even during riding the bike. Giro has many great shoes and these are definitely some of the best road bike shoes available on the net.


Venzo Road Bike For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Road Bike Shoes & Pedals BlackVenzo Road Bike For Shimano SPD SL Look Cycling Bicycle Shoes & Pedals Black
Venzo offers another afforable set with clip-in bike shoes are designed to support both road bike cleats and mountain bike cleats. They are smooth and clip in and out of the the pedals very nicely. The outsole is stiff and helps transfer more power to the pedals. The shoe is provided with decent padding for comfort. What makes them more comfortable is the mesh upper, which is not only form fitting on the feet, but also keeps the feet well ventilated. Three Velcro straps offer a quick adjustment option for the riders. The pedals are made of quality materials. The footbed is comfortable for long rides. The price tag on these makes them well worth the investment. You could buy these just for the shoes since this is another one of Venzo’s best road bike shoes and pedals combo.


Gavin Elite Road Bike ShoesGavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe
Gavin Elite shoes are possibly the best bang for the buck of all the best road bike shoes. First of all, they feel comfortable and cozy from the very first use. The synthetic leather and mesh upper is very flexible and fits on any feet, be it narrow, wide, or flat. The bottom is made of nylon fiberglass, which is not the strongest, but is not easily damaged either, and should serve you for long. Apart from 2 Velcro closures, there is a ratcheting type buckle, which provides a finer adjustment for perfect fit. The shoes are compatible with almost all brands of cleats as well. Moreover, it is easy to install cleats on these.


Shimano 2014 Men's All-Around Cycling Road Bike Shoes SH-R078LShimano 2014 Men’s All-Around Road Cycling Shoes – SH-R078L
The Shimano 2014 SH-R078L bike shoes are still relevant today and are some of the best road bike shoes around. They are stiff shoes that make it easy to transfer all the power to the pedals. You will notice an increase in your riding speed with these shoes. They are free size shoes and leave plenty of wiggle room inside, if the user requires it. That being said, the three Velcro closures can be fasted to achieve the perfect fit for best performance while riding bike. Being Velcro, they can be easily adjusted while riding too. The shoes are compatible with LOOK, SPD, and SPD SL cleats. The sole has ventilation holes for breathability, yet they are designed to not render the feet cold during winters.


Pearl Izumi Men's TRI FLY V Black Tri Cycling Shoe Road Bike ShoesPearl Izumi Men’s TRI FLY V Black Tri Cycling Shoe
The Pearl Izumi Men’s Tri Fly V are some of the top designed, best road bike shoes in their price category. The upper is made of fabric and synthetic material for extra comfort. The sole is strong and not uncomfortable in any way. There is no tongue, but this only makes it easy to put on and take off these shoes. Moreover, the inside lining is soft as well. In addition to these, the shoe comes with multiple vents to keep the feet cool during summers. The footbed has an arch support, which, in addition to improving the comfort factor, also enhances the riding performance. This lightweight shoe is comfortable to wear, made of good quality materials, and is affordably priced too.


Shimano Men's SH-R107LL Pro Tour Road Bike ShoesShimano Men’s SH-R107LL Pro Tour Road Cycling Shoe
These Shimano SH-R107LL bike shoes have redefined what comfort is, without actually leaving entry level price category. They are exceptionally comfortable to wear and do not cause any soreness or pain to the feet even after riding the bike an entire day. The sole is made of carbon composite, which is not only stiff and strong, delivering better performance, but also very lightweight. The footbed is custom moldable and it really can’t get any better than this at the price range. Then there are the 3-bolt and 2-bolt cleat compatible holes, offering the users a choice to use of cleats. In addition to this, the shoe also features Velcro straps and a fine-adjust buckle for a better fit. This is a clear winner as far as the entry level, best road bike shoes are concerned.


Pearl iZUMi Men's Race Road II Cycling Shoe Road Bike ShoesPearl iZUMi Men’s Race Road II Cycling Shoe
These Pearl iZUMi shoes are super comfy and at the same time enhance the riding performance. They are designed to cause less fatigue to the users while riding bikes, thus helping them in their fitness regime. They leather and mesh upper offer a level of comfort that is not usually found in road bike shoes. The sole is manmade and quite sturdily built for exceptional performance. The padding and footbed are thick enough to make them super comfy, which is heightened by the presence of ventilation holes. These holes can prove to be a problem during winters as they let more air inside than they should. The 3-hole and 2-hole compatibility is another plus on these shoes.


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