Top 10 Best Road Bike Pedals 2016

best road bike pedalsWhen you start getting serious about your ride and customizing it to how you want to ride, one of the easiest first thing to upgrade are the pedals. With road bikes, you want the best road bike pedals that can let attach cleats to with clips. There are some very strong, light weight pedals that you can clip into so you can ride like the wind. Also here are some good quality, inexpensive pedals for the rider that just wants to hop on and ride. Either way, you won’t go wrong with this list.

Here are the top 10 best road bike pedals for 2016. Click on them for more info.

XLC Alloy MTB Road Bike PedalsXLC Alloy MTB Pedals
The XLC Alloy MTB Road Bike pedals are heavy duty pedals designed for versatile use. They can be used on road bikes, aero bikes, and even mountain bikes. Their caged design provides excellent teeth biting grip for the feet. Although the reflectors are removable, it is best if they are left untouched. Interestingly, competitive bikers can fit these pedals with toe clips, for which two screw holes have been provided. They are stylish to look at, and also made of durable materials. However, the ball bearings in some of these pedals are known to offer a rough operating experience. Other than that, these solid pedals are some of the best road bike pedals.


Look KEO 2 Max Road Bike PedalsLook KEO 2 Max Pedals
The Look KEO 2 Max Pedals are a heavy duty pair of best road bike pedals at affordable prices. They come with a pair of cleats that can be fit on the shoes. The cleat mechanism of the pedals is quite effortless to clip-in and clip-out. Nevertheless, it may take a little effort getting used to. The back of the pedals are heavier than the front. So the heavy part tends to rotate towards the ground. The users will fumble a few times during the initial use to get comfortable with the pedals. Once settled, the pedals are impressive. The composite and stainless steel construction gives these pedals insane strength. Not to mention the wide platform which provides more area for the user to transfer power.


Shimano A530 SPD Road Bike PedalsShimano A530 SPD Pedals
The Shimano A530 SPD Pedals are a versatile set of best road bike pedals designed for bikers who use their bikes profusely. These dual sided pedals offer two completely different functionalities. The flat side of the pedal is for riders who are wearing casual shoes. The other side is fitted with SPD clip which comes very handy for long rides. The pedals come with cleats that can be fitted to the riders’ shoes whenever they wish to go for long rides. Despite the high functionality, the pedals are extremely lightweight and provide a smooth experience for the riders.


Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL Road Bike PedalsShimano PD-R540 SPD-SL Road Pedals
These are one of the best road bike pedals in terms of value-for-money in the market now. There is no compromise on the quality on these cleat pedals. You can even adjust the cleat tension according to your requirements. Moreover, cleat mechanism is easy to clip-in and clip out, even for beginners. The whole thing connects you with the bike, so that you have complete control over it, even when you are pedaling up. In addition to these, the wide platform enables the rider to push the pedal with a large contact area. This means, more energy is transferred by the pedals from the rider to the crank.


Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Road Bike PedalsShimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal
These hybrid, dual purpose pedals up there with the best road bike pedals. Once you equip your bike with them, you can use the flat side while running errands, and the SPD-clip side for clipping in to take your bike on a 10 mile hike. The amazing part of these bikes is that they are well balanced. In other words, unlike other dual purpose pedals, they do not rotate to keep the clip side down. Moreover, the steel and alloy body has a solid construction that is built to last. However, it can be a little heavy for competitive bikers. As for others, the weight should not matter much with this pair of one of the best road bike pedals.


RockBros Bike Pedals 9/16RockBros Bike Pedals 9/16″
One thing that the users of this pedal will immediately notice is its grip. The multiple nuts and bolts on the pedals provide many protruding contact points with the shoes, and offer excellent grip. Rest assured, the feet will never slip on them whether you are riding the steepest hills or racing with your friends. Their metal construction is clearly meant to last many years too. Although the aluminum and alloy body is durable, they are not built for heavy duty usage such as downhill riding. They are best suited for casual use, nothing more. Within city limits, they are worth every cent of their inexpensive price tag, easily making these one of the best road bike pedals.


Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Road Bike PedalsShimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedals
The Shimano PD-M520 pedals are relatively heavier in comparison to similar pedals from Shimano’s best road bike pedals. Sure, that should bother most cyclists. The compact pedals have SPD clips on both sides. Also, each side sports dual entry clips for easy clip-in and clip-out. They are easy to master, and a few clip-ins and clip-outs are all that is required to get comfortable with them. And of course, these road bike pedals come with cleats that can be installed on your shoes. Furthermore, the cleat tension can be easily adjusted, although the cleat mechanism provides strong grip even in the lowest tension setting.


Meetlocks 9:16%22 Screw Bike PedalsMeetlocks Bike Pedal 9/16″ Screw
These Meetlocks 9/16” pedals do exactly what their name claims – meets and locks. The pedal sports multiple stud-like pins on the surface, which offering a strong grip to the feet. The pins are replaceable and the users can use as many as they deem fit. The attached reflectors do not fall off even after months of usage, and the entire pedal require low maintenance. In addition to this, the surface of the pedal is concave so that it receives/rests the user’s feet graciously, and delivers a comfortable operation for long riding sessions. They are lightweight and easy to install too. What’s more, they even come with sealed bearings. With high ratings that rival some of the best road bike pedals, these are a must buy.


Avenir Ultralight Road Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and StrapsAvenir Ultralight Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps, Black/Silver, 9/16 Inch Axle
Avenir is a brand renowned for quality. So, there is no question that the quality of these some of the best road bike pedals. The alloy body of the pedals is lightweight and has sturdy construction. These pedals come loaded with a variety of features – toe clips, reflectors and straps. Users can adjust the strap, but it is recommended that they let the strap be quite loose. This helps is escaping swiftly in the unlikely event of accidents. The toe clips are no doubt great. They easily fit on the feet and provide a smooth operation. However, some people might experience some biting from the teeth in the clips. The Avenir pedals are definitely top 5.


Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL Road Bike PedalsShimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL Pedals
The Ultegra PD-6800 are made of heavy duty carbon fiber for exceptional strength and rigidity, making these some of the best road bike pedals out. The wide platform of the pedals provides a greater area of contact between the pedals and the feet. This means that you can push with greater energy on the pedals. While one side of the pedals is flat, the other side is fitted with SPD clips. This mid-range pedal is lightweight, has wide bearing placement, and built for performance. The adjustable tension settings are always a welcome feature. The only noticeable weakness is that the pedals are unbalanced, and rotate the clip-side towards the ground.


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