Top 10 Best Road Bike Handlebars

best road bike handlebars
Your choice of handlebars make a large difference in how you steer and control your ride. It also affects how you feel on your bike. They affect your grip, posture, hand placement, and also the positioning of your head, neck, and back. Some are ergonomically designed, making it easier on hands, arms, and shoulders. The handlebars can easily add weight to your bike or lighten it. A few of them are made with aluminum or carbon fiber, so adding weight won’t be an issue. All of the ones on our list are high quality and have great reviews. Remember, there are no perfect handlebars, so try and spend $20-$50 to get the best road bike handlebars possible.

Here are the top 10 best road bike handlebars for 2016:


Profile Design Unisex Legacy Road Bike HandlebarsProfile Design Unisex Legacy
The Profile Design Unisex Legacy is an anodized matte black unisex handlebar, famous for road bikes. It comes along with split extension and the armrest bridges are low which make the riding experience more comfortable for the biker. The Profile Design Unisex Legacy handlebar can easily be adjusted according to the height of the rider and also offers three mounting positions. The clamps fit 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars. The handlebar uses the Profile Design’s ZB Bracket system which is also paired with premium armrests and pads. It has the same thickness as the standard mountain bikes and work with almost all popular brands, making it all around one of the best road bike handlebars out. They are a steal at $70.


FSA Omega Compact Road Bike HandlebarsFSA Omega Compact Road Handlebar
It is an FSA Omega Compact Road Handlebar which allows the user to fix it on his or her training bike or cyclocross without the need of spending a huge amount of money on it. The Omega Compact is built using the 6066 series aluminum tubing which is tapered, double butted, and shot peened. The aluminum tubing also features wide grooves that essentially come with the cable routing. It also offers riders a more ergonomic position on the bar with drops that go out 10 mm relative to hoods. They come in a variety of sizes, making the Omega Compact a classic and some of the best road bike handlebars to drop, no pun intended.


Easton EA50 DG Ergo Road Bike HandlebarsEaston EA50 DG Ergo Handlebar
The Easton EA50 DG Ergo Handlebar is a black aluminum handlebar that comes with Taper Wall technology. It is only 20 grams heavier than the EA70 road bar that is 280 grams. The product design ensures a good comfortable posture to the rider at all times. They are lightweight and compact. They may seem small but they easily replace any standard sized handlebars. The drops on the Easton EA50 are not deep and in fact sport a flat region, which makes it a bit easier for the user. As one of the best road bike handlebars under $40, these will surprise and delight you during your ride.


Codream Fcfb Ultralight Toray T700 Carbon Fiber UD Glossy Road Bike Handlebars Handle Drop BarCodream Fcfb Ultralight Toray T700 Carbon Fiber UD Glossy Road Bike Bicycle Handlebar Handle Drop Bar
The best selling Codream Fcfb Ultralight Toray T700 C handlebar has received a wide amount of positive response from riders. Made from the carbon fiber, it is very light, but sturdy and has the looks to match. It is designed ergonomically so it offers a lot of support to the hands. With more space between the knee and the handles, the elegant drops and the comfortable top area makes sure that the rider does not experience a lot of vibration while cycling. This also enables it to have a high wind-breaking effect. You really can’t go wrong with this one, so you will get the best of best road bike handlebars with T700 C.


Projekt Fixie - Urban Bullhorn Pursuit Style Road Bike Handlebars 25.4 x 40cmProjekt Fixie Bullhorn Pursuit Style Bike Road HandleBar
Projekt Fixie Bullhorn Pursuit HandleBar allows for an upright yet an aggressive sitting position with its bullhorn shape. They have a diameter of 23.8mm, which is comfortable for the rider to hold. It comes with high durability and performance to match. The handlebars have been anodized and are UV-protected to secure their color. The material of the handlebars can also withstand extreme weather. It works best with all the other components from Projeckt Fixie. The best road bike handlebars are versatile, and these are also compatible with all kinds of bikes including mountain bikes, fixed gears, and single-speed bikes.


Retrospec Bicycles Pursuit Bull Horn Style Lightweight Alloy Road Bike Handlebars for Track BikeRetrospec Bicycles Pursuit Bull Horn Style Lightweight Alloy Handlebars
Majorly used on track bikes, Retrospec Pursuit Bull Horn style Lightweight Alloy Handlebars are definitely consideration since they are some of the best road bike handlebars out. The bull horn style of the handlebar offers the customer a comfortable forward position. The shape of the handlebar gives the advantage to the user by providing numerous hand positions for speed and comfort, which could come in handy during competitions. It is made up from 6061 alloy that guarantees strength and rigidity to the handlebar. It is a fixed gear messenger style handle bar with a clamp diameter of 25.4 mm. Under $15 and with great quality, these are a favorite, easily making it on our list of best road bike handlebars.


Control Tech Viento Ergonomic Bending Road Bike HandlebarsControl Tech Viento Ergonomic Bending Road Bike Handlebar
The Control Tech Viento Ergonomic Bending Road Bike handlebar is designed and dedicated for competing riders and is made so it fits various physical characteristics of different riders. The Viento comes with three different drops: the ultimate HMS Half Moon Shape (Viento HMS), the Anatomic 135*80 (Viento) and Classic round bending (Viento CL). Viento HMS offers a shape based on a half-moon, which is round, but open at the end. Each position of the handle is very comfortable and practical since it offers many points of contact with the rider. Since it is one of the best road bike handlebars, you have to grab it while it is under $15 if it is the size you need at 380 mm.


ICAN 3K Glossy Full Carbon Drop Road Bike HandlebarsICAN 3K Glossy Full Carbon Road Bike Drop Handlebar
The ICAN 3K Glossy Full Carbon Road Bike Drop Handlebar is generally used for the racing road bikes as it provides more speed and comfort to the rider. The drops on the handlebar are smooth and make it comfortable for the rider. Made from carbon fiber, it is lightweight and long lasting. It has a diameter of 31.8mm and is available in three different sizes: 31.8x400mm, 31.8x420mm and 31.8x440mm. The 3K glossy finish makes it look attractive and also durable. Save money by buying this here special one of the best road bike handlebars.


4Ward Aero Tri Bars Under Mount Clip-On Triathlon Road Bike Handlebars4Ward Aero Tri Bars Under Mount Clip-On Triathlon Handlebar
It is the Aero Tri Bars Under Mount Clip-on Triathlon Handlebar, a product by the 4ward company. It is made up of 6061-T6 Alloy with cold forged clamp, which provides the product with strength and rigidness. These can be mounted under the existing bars. The handlebars come along with fully adjustable armrest and also carry removable pads which makes the riding experience more comfortable for the user. Other than this, it can fit bar from 31.8mm to 25.4/26.0mm with supplied sleeves. It weighs 492 grams while its shipping weight is 1.5 pounds.


Deda Pista Track Road Bike HandlebarsDeda Pista Track Bicycle Handlebar
The Deda Pista Track Bicycle Handlebar is a professional track handlebar, one of the best road bike handlebars for all kinds of track racing. Made from the light alloy 6061 T6 straight gauge aluminum, it is resistant to weather elements and lasts long. Moreover, the material also brings down the weight of the product to 280g. It has a large radius and a deep drops with dimensions 173mm and with reach 109mm, both measured center to center. The outside width of the product is 42 cm. The ergonomic design of the product allows for optimum support to the user and makes it an attractive package.

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