Tommaso Imola Lightweight Road Bike Review

Tommaso Imola is one of the best entry level bikes in the $500 range. It is a fine example of Italian design, and craftsmanship. The road bike is light, and compact. Indeed, most riders will enjoy the bike, because it is extremely comfortable to ride. It is better for the riders to purchase an Imola that is 1 size larger because their standard size may make them feel big for the bike. Despite its low price, the bike will not throw any nasty surprises, and delivers on what it promises for its price tag.

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Tommaso Imola sports an SLA 6061 Compact Aluminum Frame, which makes the bike lightweight and agile. The bike gives excellent speeds, and does not feel like a hunk of metal. Of course, this is not something that is designed for higher loads. So whether you are planning to bring groceries on it, or if you have packed some serious weight in the recent times, then you would rather go with a stronger frame road bike. That being said, this road bike is all about speed and performance.

The Imola comes with a Shimano Claris Derailleurs and an integrated brake lever shifting. The Shimano groupset is highly reliable, works smoothly on the vehicle, and comes with powerful 24 speeds. However, the derailleurs can get a bit tricky to set up, and if done by a novice, can cause less than efficient gear changing experience. Apart from this, the rest of the assembly is quite easy. There is also an optional feature of Carbon Fiber Fork, which can improve the strength of the vehicle significantly too. Therefore, if you live in a place where the roads are not well paved, then this addition would certainly prepare the bike for some hits.

All said and done, the most striking aspect of the road bike is its design and aesthetically pleasing look. It sure is a winner of hearts, and can be a good conversation starter with the fellow-bikers. All thanks to its Italian design and beautiful colors, Imola is an excellent choice for both genders.

One noticeable weakness with the bike is its wheels. They do tend to have a slight wobble. But, it doesn’t seem like they compromise the riding experience. The riding is quite smooth, and gear changing is effortless. Because of the double lever shifters, you can change the gears without losing the grip on the handle, which comes especially handy when you are riding at high speeds, or on unpaved roads.

To put everything in a nutshell, Tommaso Imola is a great entry level bike, and will teach the cycling beginners a lot. It is one of the best road bikes to learn what makes the bike rides comfortable and great. Not to mention the great looks, and head turns that it will fetch. However, if you are looking to compete in a race, either you will have to get this road bike upgraded heavily, or better still, buy a new higher end bike altogether.

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