Road Bikes for Beginners

Road bikes are an excellent choice of transportation whether you are commuting to work or just running simple a simple errand. The benefits of riding your road bike include getting in shape, helping the environment by switching to greener methods of transportation and surrounding yourself with positive people. Whatever your reasons, you will simply be smitten by road bikes. Be ready for an experience like you have never had before. The experience of riding road bikes is completely different to that of riding  mountain bikes, comfort bikes or hybrid bikes. This guide will help you understand all the basics you need to know about road bikes before purchasing your first one.  Road Bikes for Beginners



The first and foremost factor in deciding which road bike is best for you, is to consider your posture. While it is very cool to watch Lance Armstrong all hunched over like an arrow piercing through sheer wind, that posture can easily become uncomfortable for beginners. In fact, unless the idea is to participate in cycling competitions, it is better to stick with road bikes that provide a more upright posture. If the posture is comfortable, then the rider will enjoy the experience, and hence, will be able to use the bike for longer durations, and vice versa.


Road bikes need to have a perfect fit. If they do not have a good fitting, then it may seriously compromise its shock absorbing ability. The rider will not only have a bad experience riding the bike, but may also get injured with back pain, or joint sprain. Moreover, a badly fitted road bike may compromise the life of the rider, if the critical elements of the bike such as brakes, or flywheel, do not operate perfectly like the way they should.


A rider’s height has a direct impact on the optimal size that his/her road bike should be. When you are riding a bike, and push the pedal to a point nearest to the ground, a slight bend should be made at the back of the knee. Put simply, the legs should not be straight at any point during pedaling, nor should they make angles higher than twenty degrees, when the pedal is nearest to the ground. If the angle is too small, or too large, then you will easily get exhausted and the rides will become significantly shorter. This is why it is crucial that you try different road bikes, and find the size that suits you the best. It is highly recommended that the riders do not go for the wrong size of road bike, just because they are getting a discount.


If you have ever ridden any type of bike other than a road bike, then your first time will be a good surprise. It is unlike anything that you have experienced before. The tires are thinner than other types of bikes, to achieve least resistance between the tires and the road. The entire bike will be much lighter, especially when compared to BMX and mountain bikes. Road Bikes fly on the road as if they are riding on the wind. You will be able to go much faster, longer, and make better time on the road.

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