Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Review

The Merax 21 Speed Road Bike is a game changer among the entry level bikes. Don’t be fooled by its humble price tag of $200. It can easily outshine many of the mid-level bikes in both performance and convenience. Sure, it comes with some flaws, but they can be easily fixed and do not compromise the riding experience. Now, let’s have a better look at this road bike.

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At only 27.5 pounds, it is quite a lightweight road bike, thanks to its aluminum frame. However, there are much lighter bikes in the market, which means that this one is not an ideal choice for competitive cyclists. On the other hand, it is a fantastic choice for speeding around the town, and even long road trips. It is not so heavy that you experience fatigue easily either, which makes it an outstanding entry level bike.

Many entry level bikes in this range exhibit problems while gear changing, or at least some level of resistance. The reason for this is the low quality derailleurs and other group-set components. None of those problems plague the Merax 700C Aluminum Road Bike, thanks to the Shimano derailleur and Shimano shifts used in the bike. The seat is comfortable to sit on, and the drop-bar handles provide a good posture for cycling.

The build quality of the bike is quite sturdy. However, loading it up with groceries or luggage is not recommended. Remember, this is an aluminum frame bike. That being said, the bike can handle rough terrain reasonably well. Even on unpaved roads, the bike does a good job at providing as smooth a riding experience as possible. Add to it the fact that the road bike comes almost assembled in the package, and the convenience factor is greatly enhanced. It will hardly take about 20 minutes to completely assemble the bike, more if you are getting the wheels trued.

One area that should have been given more care are the wheels. Whether it is a manufacturing defect or simply one that has to do with shipping, the tires are generally not trued. So, customers should visit a local bike shop to get them trued for a better bike riding experience. Then again, if you do not wish to spend money on tuning it, you can check out an online video and do it yourself. The front wheel is the quick release type, which makes the task a lot easier than it sounds.

Now, coming to the performance, the bike does come with standard 700c wheels. The Shimano derailleurs and thumb shifters are responsive and easy to use. Of course, it would have been better if this road bike came with an integrated brake lever mechanism, but we have no complaints, considering how inexpensive this bike is. The thumb shifters and derailleurs work smoothly and ensure a seamless experience for riders. Further, the alloy caliper brakes produce excellent brake power at all speeds.

The 21 gear mechanism makes this bike a suitable transportation companion whether you are charging up the hill, or shooting down. There is a catch though. All of the 21 gears are not usable. So calling it a 21 gear bike could be considered misleading. Besides that, there is no compromise on the riding experience. No matter how steep the hill and whether you are riding up or down the hill, there are enough gears to make the experience a breeze.

It is simply unbelievable that Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike is priced as low as $200. Actually, it doesn’t even look like an entry level bike. The attractive design and high quality parts can sure convince anyone that it is a premium road bike. The manufacturer has designed this product considering for both male and female body requirements. Therefore, women can as easily use this bike, enjoy its functionalities and flaunt its beauty.

When it comes to the quality of this product, there is no question that it is well worth the investment, barring a few minor factors. Since the product is almost assembled, the manufacturer does not ship it with all the tools you will most frequently use. This means that if you would love to fine tune your bike, then you should rather buy or own a set of tools of your own, or get a local bike shop to do the tuning for you. Whereas you may not be completely happy with the initial post-purchase experience, a ride on the bike will make the purchase worth it.


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