How To Change A Bike Tire

Changing a tire is not a huge task. Sure, the first time you do it, it might take you an hour or so to get it done. But, after a couple ofHow To Change A Bike Tire times, you will be able to finish the task in as little as half an hour, right in your garage. You will need some simple tools though – new tires, new tubes, tire pump, flat head screw driver, and a spanner or pliers. So, let’s get started, shall we!


Step 1: Remove the Wheel

Place your bike in upside-down position, on its seat and handlebars, so that it is easier to access its parts. Now, loosen the wheel. Some bikes come with a lever, pulling which will loosen the wheels. For the rest of them, you will see a bolt on the side, which can be removed using a spanner or pliers. Now, if you are removing the back wheel, you will have to perform two additional tasks of loosening the tensioners and removing the chain from the sprocket. It will make it significantly easier to remove the wheels. Now, push the top gear in the rear sprocket set forward. This will loosen the chain, and make it easy for you to pull it from the rear sprocket. You might have to apply some force to remove the wheel.


Step 2: Remove Old Tire and Tube

Firstly, let the air out of the tire and remove the nut on the valve stem. You should start removing the tire from the opposite end of the valve stem. Slightly pull back the tire from the rim, and insert the flat head screwdriver below the tire. Once it is nicely lodged inside the tire, apply force on it such that the tire is pulled over the rim lip. Then, insert the screwdriver under the tire from the other side. This time, push it such that both the sides of the tire cross the rim lip completely. Pull the tire down from the wheel, which should now be quite easy.


Step 3: Replace New Tires and Tubes

If you are not replacing the tube, make sure that there are no punctures, or tears in it. When replacing a new tube or the same tube inside the tire, inflate it just enough to make it easy to handle. Then, slide the tube into the tire. Now, place one side of the tire and tube on the rim, such that the valve stem is pushed through the valve hole on the rim. From here, force both the tire and tube all the way around, until they are completely on the rim. Make sure that the tube is completely inside the rim under the tire, and is not visible from outside. Put the nut on the valve, and inflate the tire.


Step 4: Reinstall the Wheel

This step is quite tricky. So, follow the procedure exactly in the sequence suggested here. First, pull the chain around the rear gear of the sprocket set. As you try to push the wheel into the frame, the brakes might offer some resistance. But, don’t worry about that, and apply force, and set the wheel firmly in the frame. In the next step, the chain goes around the sprocket set. Then, take it over the two gears of the derailer and the tensioner. Now, push the tensioner back such that the chain wraps perfectly on it. Take care that the chain is taut. This will significantly affect the ease of changing gears. Then, bolt the

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